Multi-Jet Water Meters Hays "M" Series

Multi-Jet,Water,Meters,Hays,M,SeriesOne of the most popular multi-jet water meters on the market is the Hays Fluid Controls M Series Meter. This meter comes ready to install including the meter couplings.

The M Series Meter is available in:

  • Reed Switch Output

  • Totalizing Only

  • Hall Effect (Coming Soon)

Also available to you are the connections you need to many top manufacturers metering pumps that go right onto the meter. Just ask your customer service rep for more details.

Multi-Jet Cold Water Meters or Multi-Jet Hot Water Meters

  • MT - Multi-Jet - Totalizing MeterME - Multi-Jet - Hall Effect Sensor. Solid State Sensor for long life and highest reliability.  This sensor requires a power source provided by metering pumps or electronic controls.

  • MR - Multi-Jet - Reed Switch.  Uses Reed Switch to provide a dry contact closure to metering pumps and controls.  Does not require external power source.

  • C or H - All Hays "M" Series meters are available in (C) Cold water 105F (40C) and (H) Hot water 250F (120C).

  • When ordering add suffix "C" for cold water or "H" for hot water.

  • Available in Pulses per Gallon or Gallons per Pulse.  Call our office for the complete list of Pulse Rates.

Typical Applications:

  • Cooling Tower Treatment

  • Boiler Water Treatment

  • Proportional Feed

  • Remote Totalizing

  • Metering Pump Pacing

  • Water Conservation

  • Automatic Regeneration