Hays,Electro-Steam,Solenoid Valve,Series,2192

Hays Electro-Steam Solenoid Valve Series 2192

Hays,Electro-Steam,Solenoid Valve,Series,2192Maximum Flow
Minimum Pressure Drop. Internal design of this pilot operated, piston type valve assures exceptional flow performance.

Reliable Operation
A proven design with millions of cycles in operation are evidence of the reliability of the Electro-Steam.

Two-Way Normally Closed
Line pressure assures positive valve closing and maintains shutoff.

Long Life Means Real Savings
Hays,Electro-Steam,Solenoid Valve,Series,2192Lead wires & coil have high temperature insulation. Internal components are of materials which provide low friction and minimum wear.

Design Simplicity
Electro-Steam has only two moving parts which means consistent performance and low maintenance.

Easy Access To All Components
Removal of the bonnet and/or cap provides easy access to the two internal components making maintenance,
when necessary, easy and convenient.

Solenoid Valve Series 2192 Features:

  • 2-Way Hays Normally Closed, Pilot Operated, Piston Type

  • UL Listed, for a variety of voltages

  • Bronze Construction with Teflon Piston Ring

  • Maximum Temperature 365F

  • Pressure Range 5 - 150 psi Steam

  • Class H requirements

  • Horizontal Installation

  • Available in 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" & 2" NPT sizes

Typical Applications Of The Solenoid Valve Series 2192:

  • Automatic and Remote Control of Steam

  • Commercial Laundry Equipment & Facilities

  • Commercial Dishwashers

  • Bottlewashers

  • Pot & Pan Washers

  • Industrial Maintenance Repair and Operation

  • Boiler Blow Down

Series 2192