Pulse Timers PT32/PT33 From Hays Fluid Controls

  • Solid State Electronics.

  • Timer Range: 1 - 1270 seconds.

  • Low Voltage, low current.

  • Nema 4 enclosure.

  • Single Timer (PT32).

  • Dual Timer (PT33).

  • Pulse,Timers,PT32,PT33,Hays,Series,FT520Easy to install and operate.

  • Designed to eliminate expensive installation.

  • Safe power switching with Pulse Meter.

  • For safety, the meter loop is low voltage, low current and transformer isolated.

  • Compatible with all Hays Meters. This gives the ability to match control requirements to the pulse timer.

  • Power, Input and Output Lights.  At a glance, you are able to determine process in action.

  • Precise Setting.  Digital setting eliminates the trial and error of a rotary dial.

Series PT32-PT33