Asco Valve Canada

Asco,Valve,Canada,Redhat,Solenoid,ValvesASCO Valve Canada offers a broad range of industry leading products for fluid control and fluid power applications. Whether you need one of our specialized solenoid valves to maintain saline flow to the human eye during microsurgery or to pilot control valves in major interstate gas pipelines, we have the solution for you.

Asco Valve Canada is a leading Canadian manufacturer of solenoid valves and other quality precision products for the automation of equipment and the control of air, liquids and gases in a wide array of commercial and industrial applications.

Asco Valve Canada's products are chosen by Canada's most prominent original equipment manufacturers and are sold to companies and users of all types through an extensive network of independent distributors. Every customer can count on products that meet the highest standards for optimal performance and are backed by knowledgeable Asco specialists.