Air,Inert,Gas,Water,Lt. Oil,4-Way,Solenoid,Valves,8344,8345,ASCO

Air/Inert Gas, Water, Lt. Oil 4-Way Solenoid Valves from ASCO

ASCO 8344/8345 Air/Inert Gas, Water, Lt. Oil 4-Way Solenoid Valves

Air,Inert,Gas,Water,Lt. Oil,4-Way,Solenoid,Valves,8344,8345,ASCOFeatures:

  • Sturdy, robust construction.

  • Piston-operated poppet design provides high flow.

  • For use with air or water.

  • Wide range of sizes and flow rates.

  • Single or dual solenoid constructions.

  • Dual solenoid can be shifted with a momentary signal and remain in position even if electrical power is lost.

  • Mountable in any position.

Series 8344
4/2 - Air/Inert Gas, Water, Lt. Oil - 1/4" - 1"

Solenoid pilot operated piston/poppet valves with Brass bodies for a wide variety of applications. Single and double solenoid constructions available. Available in either AC or DC voltage. Operating pressures of 10-250 psi.

Series 8345
4/2 - Compact, Air/inert Gas, Water, Lt Oil - 1/4"

Solenoid pilot operated valves available AC or DC operated with brass or 316 stainless steel bodies. Operating pressures of 10-150 psi.

Series 8344
Series 8345